my life...
everything i write is how i feel or react to something i don't lie...
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finally back on. gonna start posting poetry again hopefully soon id love some new followers how about follow me k thanks


Just cut..
Your stupid and useless
You gave everything you have to a boy that could care less
Just kill yourself..
Everyone will be fine without you
Your not good enough
They’ll just leave anyway
Just take pills..
Shut up living alone isnt bad
No one actually cares anyway..

Music doesn’t hurt you or lie like humans do it’s always there am it never changes and never will. The lyrics are permanent they never leave or change unlike people. It’s always there.

Mall day don’t right fuck yesh!


Sitting in the darkness and wandering when it’ll get better doesn’t change your life.
It’s when you get up and fight back that helps.
Until the day you know you’ve lost never give up
Cause the day you give up is the day the darkness consumes you.

I hate..

I hate his arms around me I hate the fact I need him I hate his presence the safety I feel I hate his lips I hate hearing him say my name or that he loves me I hate his mannerisms I hate that he was there for me when I needed him most I hate depending on him and I hate his lies I hate the promises he made but broke I hate him I hate myself for loving him but mostly I hate the day I met him and the day he broke down my walls so yes I hate him if that’s hate I hate him I hate that if he apologized I’d take him back I hate his smile and his eyes I hate when he worries about me I hate when he thinks about me I hate when he’s right and im wrong I hate when he makes me laugh when no one else can I hate that he knows me better than anyone else I hate that he makes me weak I hate that I fell for him. And most importantly I hate that he left and put me through this.

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